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duggercrd 03-16-2008 08:36 PM

EAA 782 March 25th Meeting Announcement
TO: Members and Friends of EAA Chapter 782

FROM: Carl Dugger, President, 782

SUBJECT: March 25th Program and Meeting

We will be meeting on Tuesday, March 25th, at 7 PM in my hangar, Hangar G2 at Grove Field (1W1) off Highway 500 north of Camas (632 NE 267th Avenue). The program will consist of Gene and Deanna Endsley, of Flying Machine Restorations, a painting and soda-blasting company at Pierce County Airport (Thun Field) in Puyallup, WA.

Hangar G2 is located near the west end of the field in the second row of hangars from the south. For the able-bodied among you, I recommend parking in the main lot up front and walking to the hangar, to reserve the few close-by parking spaces for those who really need it. If you need special access, call me on my cell phone at 360-521-5875 and I will give you the passcode. My own RV-9A is nearing completion, and I am interested in how they would approach painting such an aircraft.

See you there.

Information from the company follows:


Flying Machine Restorations, LLC (FMR) is located at Pierce County Airport (Thun Field) in Puyallup, Washington with beautiful Mt. Rainier over looking.

The business was opened in early 2007. We created our aircraft painting and prep facility to address a void in the local aviation community for high-quality aircraft painting. We worked very closely with the State, County and EPA to ensure complete compliance with rules, regulations and requirements and now offer complete painting service. Besides painting, we offer complete aircraft structural repair including fabric recovering. Also, we have a separate soda-blasting booth fo r removing paint and rust from vehicles, boats, motorcycles and parts.

The team is comprised of experienced craftsmen who are passionate about their specialties, taking pride in their workmanship, who come together for the common goal of delivering the finest finished product for our customers:

Gene Endsley - A private pilot since age 16, Gene has a long history in aviation as a certified airframe and power plant mechanic, flight instructor and commercial pilot.

Gene served 20 years in the USAF as a flight engineer as well as simulator instructor. He flew as a commercial pilot for25 years, 19 of those with DHL.

Jeff Jenkins - Jeff is a painter and body man with over 25 years
experience in painting aircraft, vehicles and motorcycles as well as in shop management. He is well recognized for his attention to meticulous detail.

Ernie Janes - Certified airframe and power plant mechanic and also a licensed A/I.

Deanna Endsley - LLC Registered Agent, Administration

Whether you are a pilot-owner, an aircraft sales broker, or a commercial aircraft manager, your aircraft deserves the highest quality and dedication that our team can provide.

JohnnyP 03-17-2008 01:20 AM

I'll be there!
Now that I have Tuesdays off, I want to check out your Chapter, and this agenda sounds like a good one to start with.

RandyL 03-17-2008 02:45 PM

Darn, I'm out of town that week. There's a huge market for a good paint shop with reasonable rates. As one who has painted three planes now I was looking forward to their presentation.

duggercrd 03-21-2008 05:48 AM

EAA782 Meeting

Glad you're coming to the meeting. Should be an interesting one.

- Carl Dugger

duggercrd 03-21-2008 05:50 AM

EAA782 March 25th Meeting

Too bad you can't make this one. You are always welcome to our meetings.

We might be taping the presentation, and if so, I'll try to get you a copy of it.

Thanks for all the help and good suggestions the other day. I just finished installing my CHT and EGT sensors yesterday. Getting closer!

- Carl

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