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Steepturn 02-03-2013 03:39 PM

Tri-Pacer Partnership Wanted
Hi Fellow Aviators!

I am a weekend flyer seeking a partnership in a Tri-Pacer.

Seeking an aircraft that is well maintained and hangared.

We can share one you own now or locate an aircraft we will both enjoy.

Thank you,
TT (Terri Minter)
Sherwood, OR

BentonH 02-10-2013 12:32 AM

Hi Terri, a few more resources --
Tom did forward your contact info to me, apologies for not getting back to you to at least acknowledge receipt. I'd be happy to talk with you; I've just been so behind on, well, everything lately I haven't picked up the phone to call.

Was Wayne able to get into the hangar this afternoon to show you '13D? Hope you were able to make yourselves at home and have a good look.

I'd suggest another resource would be to join up with the 'Hangar Bravo-Three' group, an gang with five Tri-Pacers among them at HIO.
and there's also a regional chapter for the Short-Wing Piper Club, the Columbia River Chapter,

Just a few more resources.

Benton 9feb13

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