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Default Blog of Teen-Flight

Hi all, I saw this blog in research: http://teenflight.blogspot.com/

I believe Dick mentioned this in the meeting we had. This is a group of students doing almost exactly what we want to do! I am very intrigued and interested by the progress and strategy they have been making.

I like the idea of the 'practice' projects that they put the new builders through, such as building a metal toolbox. Perhaps this is something we could consider as a mini-project for new potential builders.

In addition, I am pretty amazed by the progress they have made! With 12 students and a few mentors they have made it more than 1/2 way in about 4 months! Consider that they are only working for 5.5 hrs every Saturday. We would obviously have more potential time (perhaps working Sundays/after work), so I think we could see meaningful progress quite quickly!
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