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Default Cowboy Dinner Tree - On the edge of Oregon's Big Empty

Since this appears in the Mar-Apr issue of Pilot Getaway, I guess I can let the cat out of the bag, but don't tell anybody else about this. (Not for vegetarians.)

You can see a reference to the article here: http://www.pilotgetaways.com/ma08.html
Scroll down the page to the summary of "Silver Lake Oregon".

There is a restaurant in the Oregon Big Empty that is not to be believed. I have told people about it and they say "No Way!". It is called the Cowboy Dinner Tree. It is about 6 miles southwest of Silver Lake, OR on a road to nowhere.

Here is the web site: http://cowboydinnertree.homestead.com/main.html

Read it carefully.

You must have reservations. No joke, for a restaurant way out in the middle of nowhere.

There are only 2 items on the menu. You order them at the time of the reservation.

One price, cash only $24.00, NO SPLITS.

Prepare your weight and balance for flying out with an enormous amount of food.

This is why. The Cowboy Dinner Tree is in a small ancient homesteaders cabin. Watch your head, the ceiling and doors are low, what building code? There is a sign on the wall (that is true) "No electricity, No credit cards, No joke.". The building is off grid. They have solar panels / batteries to power the couple of lights in the dining room. The heavenly homemade rolls are done in a propane oven, the main course is done on a huge BBQ. The only choice you have after making the main course selection is your drink, coffee, ice tea lemon aid or milk, no liquor. I will warn you, don't get sucked in by the family style salad / soup course with rolls which is a meal in itself. The main course is HUGE! If you order chicken it is a whole chicken. If you order the beef it is the whole cow! Well maybe I exaggerated a bit. But as you can see from the menu, it is 26-30 oz. and that is conservative. One time I was there they brought out my plate with two pieces of meat on it because "... we thought the first piece was a little small."

The nice thing is that now you can make arrangements to land across the road from the restaurant, by making a call to the owner of the Mahogany Mountain airstrip (1YJ2). If you do it, tell us about your trip. Warning, there are no airports with fuel / service close by ... I told you that you were in the Big Empty.
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